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My name is Rick Frauton and music is my passion. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years. I started teaching guitar lessons in 2007, traveling to my students’ homes and doing my best to open the door to the music within them. I believe that all people have music in their hearts – it’s part of being human!

Music dwells in our subconscious minds and affects our emotions, often more than we realize. Every film you have ever cried through probably has a musical soundtrack. These days every TV show, every commercial, every video game and even “the news” use music to sway our emotions. Music is an inseparable part of our daily lives and anyone with an ounce of free will can participate in it. That means you.

I have had many opportunities in my life for which I am very thankful. I graduated from the College of Communications at Boston University in 2004. Since then I have experimented with a variety of ways to earn a living. None of those jobs has been rewarding to me in a way that goes beyond the paycheck like teaching music has. Teaching people to play guitar is something I would do for fun if I did not need to earn a living. The prospect of making ends-meet by doing what I love is a dream that I am working hard at.

In addition to teaching guitar lessons, I write songs and perform them with my band, BIG TREES. I encourage you to download our music for free and if you like what you hear, please come out to experience our next gig. Live music is a unique and exciting way to interact with your community and support local artists. BIG TREES perform in and around Vermont on a regular basis and we love to make new fans.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning to play the guitar, please get in touch with me. I live in Waterbury, VT and will travel up to 25 miles to your home. If you have ever suffered from boredom, learning an instrument will cure that ailment forever! Everyone is entitled to one free lesson so there is nothing to lose. Busy schedule? I will come to you whenever it’s most convenient and I will design a customized practice routine that fits your life. Contact me today to schedule your first lesson – it’s free!


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All new students are entitled to one free lesson / consultation.  Contact me for more details.